SENSORIUM SPACE happenings, is a non-profit collective consisting of artists from a variety of fields: visual artists, academics, researchers, directors, curators, writers, and musicians. The artists involved are mainly engaged in the art of performance, and the exhibition of live art that engages the body (performance art).

The team was created in January 2016, and since then, we aim to promote, inform, support, organize and network artists through organized seminars, lectures, events, interviews, presentations, laboratories, artistic residences in Cyprus and abroad. SENSORIUM SPACE happenings, is keen on collaborating with other groups, organizations, and institutes.

SENSORIUM SPACE happenings produces a mobile platform in relation to the archive it constantly creates and through the implementation of its goals. It applies an intangible and material space where the witnesses can coexist and exchange, together with the artistic depiction, part of their tangible and spiritual world. Together, the witnesses and the artists create a small community of living exhibits that subvert and contribute to the live display through the new.

The characteristics of SENSORIUM SPACE happenings coincide with the production of the mobile platform of the living exhibits complement the form, the process, the exploration, the tangible, physical and sensory correlation, the experiential experience, the idea-substance-concept, the intention, the structure, the practice of the decision and joint writing / registration.

The evolving principles of SENSORIUM SPACE happenings implement and support:

1. Integrity and boldness towards the innovation offered by contemporary art and the art of performance.
2. Passion and fun through a variety of inventive artistic depictions.
3. Communication, through social, anthropological and philosophical dialogues on the art of living depictions and / or exhibits in local, regional and international countries.
4. Confidence, development and encouragement of equality through the recognition of minorities. Specifically, the team discourages abuse and / or racism in matters of identity (nation, LGBT), and disability, through practicing awareness in contemporary art.
5. Educational and public resources for the development of the arts in Cyprus and abroad.

SENSORIUM SPACE happenings develops a library that can be accessed through booked appointments and maintains CIPAF – Cyprus International Performance Art Festival’s archival collection.