Nicolina Stylianou:

Founder and Curator at SENSORIUM SPACE

Studied Art & Design at Kingston University in the United Kingdom.  Since 2014 lives and works in Cyprus as a performance artist and as a scenographer in theatrical plays.  In 2013 Nicolina Stylianou has participated at CIPAF – Cyprus International Performance Art Festival.  In 2014 she participated in ]performance s p a c e[ in London and on 2015 on GADIENT: From Grey to Colour Scale in Ioannina, Greece.  During 2014, she has also participated in Xarkis Festival in Arsos Cyprus and has worked in Tv Series in Cyprus as prop manager and scenographer.  During 2015 she has worked in different media productions as scenographer.

Nicole Zeniou:

Studied English Literature at Kingston University, London and then completed her Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics: Research Methodology at Southampton University in the UK.  She worked as an Assistant Director from 2014 to 2016 for various tv series and tv films for Mega channel including “9 Months” written by Anna Andrianou. In 2015-16 she worked as an assistant director in two short films. She also worked for a local theatre group as translator/ assistant to UK theatre directors who came to Cyprus for acting seminars.  She has also worked as a translator/journalist and editor for The Cyprus Weekly newspaper, for more than two years, and at Aeras airport magazine, Taste magazine and Cosmopolitan Cyprus. She is interested in playwriting, scriptwriting and directing short films and plays.

George Themistokleous:


Interdisciplinary practice – machining vision- integrates both design research and practice from architecture, media studies and art history. Past and current projects include the making of custom-made visual devices and multi-media installations that try to interrogate and superimpose older and newer media (photography, film, stereoscopy, digital image processes). The work attempts to explore the space between embodied and disembodied perceptions and the ensuing visual understandings that these suggest. Through practical and theoretical experimentations the body/ space relationship re-considers the solidity of the corporeal body and its duration. One such project, the diplorasis, appropriates the functioning of the stereoscope yet it extends its perception through live digital feed and image manipulation processes, creating a confrontation between experiencing the body’s own functioning (interoception) and unexpectedly viewing the image of one’s body from without (doubling).

2017 Volunteering Team:

Constantinos Avgousti

Aphroditi Koupepidou

Katerina Paisi

Milto Constantinou

Dani Andreou

Giaa Glover

Penelope Vasquez Hadjilyra


2016 Volunteering Team:

Constantinos Avgousti

Eleni Odysseos

Marietta Mavrokordatou

Dani Andreou

Polymnia Tsinti

Penelope Vasquez Hadjilyra

Anthi Socratous

Anna-Maria Charalambous