One Week Residency Program 2017

SENSORIUM SPACE and XARKIS FESTIVAL are collaborating to realize an one-week residency program between 13th-20th of August 2017 at Koilani Village (Limassol district) in Cyprus during the Festival.

Following Xarkis’ “Voicing Stories” and “Craft Stories” interdisciplinary projects that bridge together aspects of socially engaged design, oral history and storytelling; and following Sensorium Space’ “PLUS-MOTION” and “TACTILE BODIES” Live Performance Art Series, exhibition and workshops dedicated to live, visual and performance art, the two initiatives are now collaborating to delve into the aforementioned concepts through bodily communications and activistic approaches.

The residency’s objectives are to collect oral history testimonies from the local community of Koilani and the nearby regions, and interpret them via bodily interactions, abstractions and expressions.

During the residency program, the selected artists are called to create a new piece of work; a performance of physical experiences that respond to the collected stories and the public’s involvement. The artists’ final outcomes will be showcased during the two day Festival in the 19th and 20th of August.

The resources that will be offered during the residency, which include Cypriot and site specific traditions, customs, and handicrafts, workshops and daily rituals,, may function as points of inauguration and stimuli.


‘Bodily Pitches’ communicates the body’s abilities to create resonated vibrations that affect the historical and activistic approaches that are being transmitted and exchanged through the history of the village and surrounding regions.

By the use of sounds and different pitches, the body is transformed, influenced by ethereal vibrations in which each tone is generated by frequency oscillators that translate the oral history of the space and create a live monument where the gap between the generations is articulated.  The ‘bodily pitches’ lose movement control when they enter the territory of the public; the body becomes the interstice between the particles of matter.

Resisting pre-existing, adopted, instructed and established narratives, the new piece of work should create a space in which intimate, personal and local experiences can be voiced across the island, through performance. Moreover, the work should create a more holistic representation of the people of Cyprus in the context of Cypriot history and culture.

What happens when the artist enters the territory of the public’s background traditions and articulates the gap between generations, through ‘bodily communication pitches’?


Jacqueline Van De Geer

Manuel Lopez Garcia

Nicholas Tee

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