8 finalists selected among all the submitted works
Honoured Video Performances by:
Nicola Fornoni / ARITMIA
Kyros Papavassiliou / MMMD – Malproksime
Finalist Video Performances by:
Sadegh Aleahmad / The Only Poem I Know To Hold in Blenheim Palace
Marina Barsy Janer / DERMIS COMUNAL: Transmutación de una epistemología colonial
Cristiana Zeta Rolla / EMP(A)T(H)Y
Monica Lopez Dolz / ser.un.ser
Korallia Stergides collaborated with Beckie Cove / Physical Literacy
Julia Poplawska / Tension Documentation
Finalist Written Texts by:
Korallia Stergides 
Lizzie Masterton / Pulling [it starts with a breath]
George Themistokleous / Ανα-παράσταση: Mediating bodies
During the last week, the selection panel has completed the selection.  The work of the panel has been complex, given the quantity and quality of the projects received.  The selection of the finalists has inevitably led to the exclusion of many projects, a choice that was not easy to take.
This announcement is to thank you for participating and for having made us part of your search.  All the applications feeds the desire of SENSORIUM SPACE to engage itself in support of performance and our aim will be to have the chance in the future to start new collaborations, with many of the artists now excluded.
Thank you once again.