..and what Alice found there

2nd Cyprus Performance Art Workshop 2017

facilitated by  Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith (DE).



The Performance Art Workshop “THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS” is structured as a gradual progression in learning experiences, which follows an intense and enduring focus in the work with the artist’s corporeality, and comprises of practical exercises in multiple formats, including elaboration processes of video, photography, sound, and drawing leading to an enriched and extended range of artistic practice and adds to the methodology of individual idea processes.

After four days of practical work offered by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith all participants are invited to present their work to the public by way of connecting to projection, sound, installation, drawing and space.

The looking glass (the mirror) reflects the reality, as the photographic lens or the “eye” of a video camera does, producing the illusion of infinite possible realities. We can ideally follow Alice and go through the mirror, and play with duplication and illusion, between reality and fantasy, dream and memory.

“..and what Alice found there” is to follow the intuition of the performer about the awareness of the idea of time and space, related to the mirror and illusion of the Self.

Through Live Actions and Performances, the self-awareness of the body is activated simultaneously on a rational and emotional level. The connection with technological means expands our physical and mental interventions in time, space, atmosphere and images, amplifying our stance, our presence, and the levels of communication with the people participating in our performances.

The understanding body and self, acting in the foreground of multimedia layers, explores the world of images coupled with the multiple creative possibilities linked to this, keeping an intense focus on Live Performance Art practice, while forming relationships with inner sources and external experiences.

The workshop incorporates the idea of place and live situations. Participants explore external public places (by choice or surprise) where immediate action is realized and physically examined with an acute attention for sound and voice. This brings awareness to the idea of site-specific work and suggests notions of history and socio-cultural research. The use of sounds, words, text and voice is being investigated and clarifies notional differences and intentional aspects between Fine Art practice and performing arts through theatre and staged Live Art situations. The awareness of the difference in intentionality serves at the root of creative ideas and enables one to reach a level of integrity and knowledge for cross-disciplinary experimentations.


Benjamin Goddard (UK)

Andreas Mallouris (CY)

Katerina Paisi (CY/CH)

Becky Peach (UK)

*The synopsis and structure of the workshop: are created by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith and Francesco Kiais in collaboration.

Image Credits: ‘THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS’ 2nd Cyprus Performance Art Workshop 2017, facilitated by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, organised by SENSORIUM SPACE, Photographed by Giaa Glover