Soufia Bensaid

I is a piece of art

‘A quantum physics principal, known as the ‘Shrödinger paradox’, states as long as a situation hasn’t been observed inside a box, everything is possible. What can be imagined since it is not experienced inside? What perceptions of the reality does it reveal ? What does a tangible presence reflect ? What could be a projection space of inner bodies ?’

“Soufïa Bensaïd was lucky enough to cross and live in multiple cultures, societies and professional environments between Tunisia were she was born, France where she studied then Canada where she lives now. This path allowed her to live a transformational identity, and question the perception gaps and the foundation of oneness and existence. Her art practice is interdisciplinary. It uses what comes to it to achieve a research, face a question, encounter what is here. To receive the present. It is at the intersection of performance art, site specific action, writing, drawing, movement, relational esthetic, participatory projects, installation. Being in relation/in relationship to – this is the foundation of her work. Whether it’s with an interior space or an exterior space, the relationship between oneself and an other offers a field of presence that facilitates such transmissions. As such, she is interested in the way relationships allow us to at once confront our limitations while offering opportunities for transformation. Influenced by a scientific background, her work examines bridges between art, philosophy and science. Through the performance and action pieces, she offers experiences that question the subjectivity of each one perception. How can everyone create its own world by his own way of seeing, perceiving, experiencing reality?”