Nicolina Stylianou


“What are the different levels of consciousness?

The main interest of my research and my practice is based on the human condition and human consciousness, whilst investigating these matters through sensory perceptions and memory.  More specifically, the experience of the senses are in fact important, in order to understand how the body is transmitting and transforming external informations.

How does human brain processes the environmental information?

The sensorial experience is actually a multi-sensory process and not as it has been thought traditionally, that human senses work in modules.  In that sense, each sense influence each other and the perception of a person is to be considered as whole sensation of experiences that each one of the interacts with each other.

Can a multi-sensory experience interact with memory?

While exploring the idea of the senses and especially vision, audition and olfactory, and while objectively investigating different experiences and concerns, my work is to be developed by negotiating the relation and communication with the self, through the ‘tension of thought patterns’.  Furthermore, by studying how sounds can influence the mental condition, that on physicality, functionality and in symbolistic diameters, the use of the body, links the work with ‘ritual transformations’.  Taking this into consideration, the intention of my work is to expand the relationship of the ‘tension of thought patterns’ and ‘ritual transformations’, and moving beyond from the ‘calculative thought’ of the viewer, to the directive presence, in order to trigger them.

Is the human condition just a residue of the past?”