Nicola Fornoni


Aritmia combines God and Science, the human feelings transferred in an hospital equipment such as the electrocardiogram. A man and a woman take part in an emotional test. They are blindfolded and try to get cardiac alterations (quickened and decelerated pulse) through emotionality and sensations: pain, fright, cold, burning, itching and pleasure. Aritmia was directly and entirely filmed and performed in an operating room of Cardiology, the monitors and electrodes were prepared by a professional nurse.

“Bodies, senses, obstacles and overcoming of them. Conditions of declared and trampled rights, broken barriers, extendable horizons through different points of view. Love for the being and being there. Research of myself in the other. The other becomes the start and the arrival through myself. Short and long ac ons touch the social/symbolic to denounce convic ons, ideals and concepts covered in dust by old way of thinking and doing. The body becomes the condition of doing and staying, the instrument used to act and put oneself across a limit. This last one considered as a universal term in opposi on to the achievement of the highest freedom. The value of living taken, as unconditioned base, in the resolution of mental and physical coercions. An unconscious analysis of wishes, energies and impulses through essential and relational.”