Nika Lopez


I would like to understand the intimacy concept not as something fixed and static, but as something that is in continuous process. This helps me answer the need for re-connection with nature. Materiality and immateriality. A movement that shows how the human being and the landscape are intimately linked and constantly in communication, driving to the creation of a proper poetical language.

“My interest lays in the relationship that is established between my body and the natural elements. I work with materials that are found in nature and civilization and I feel them as an extension of my body. Recently, I’m working in performance art, studying the original movements of human beings as animals. However, I also gather organic materials to create something inspired in natural architecture. I don’t have a closed artistic method, I use whatever discipline it takes to express deep feelings and thoughts. The consequence of living in a world of unnecessary excesses, led me to a lack of identification with the necessary objects. This was what triggered my enthusiasm to connect in a sensitive way mind and body to plant origin lifestyle establishing affective ties with apparently insignificant objects for our society. Therefore I keep an ecocentric philosophy removing both industrial and toxic materials as well as avoiding animal-derives.  My purpose is to experience an artistic way of life that concludes in a personal transformation through the development of actions based on sensibility and increasing awareness towards environment. I propose to study in depth the relationships we establish around us, thereby highlighting what is unfamiliar. I work by instinct to obtain a conscious state that connects me with the material as if it was the first time. This results in the discovery of something that emerges from the inside. As if it was the hidden spirit that arises. On the one hand the essence of the body is expressed and on the other hand what the material sends back. A continuous dialogue opens the doors to a unique experience about the endless possibilities of the materials. After all, the position which I face, would be to rediscover myself through an experience with external materials. I genuinely believe that discovering other ways for which linking with the environment will enrich our life, brings us to appreciate what is unnoticed.”