Marina Barsy Janer 

DERMIS COMUNAL: Transmutación de una epistemología colonial

In an understanding of the bee colony as a living organism and not as a system of hierarchies between ‘individuals’, the action proposes a transmutation of the colonized body / earth towards a new epistemology of the colony that responds to the communal model. The terrain of the dermis will be the original geography from which emerges a subtle levitation that offers another understanding of the colony as an alternative of social restructuring. Human geography unveils a new horizon.

“Marina Barsy Janer explores the body as uncanny and fragmented, social container, bridge and vehicle, sensuous and grotesque. Her work has been driven by the existential quest of an affected-affective corpus where issues of gender, spirituality, otherness, and colonialism have emerged. Considering our relations and our ‘being in the World’ as intersubjective and intercorporeal she explores the soma-politics of the encounter providing new spaces for tension and negotiation to occur. Under the scope of ways of decolonising the body-geographies (de-linking from internal colonialism) she engages in forms of ‘aesthetic activism’ exploring relationality, the systematic and the intrinsic fear, legal implications of the body, modes of resistance and belonging, patriarchy’s roles and their masquerades. She conceives the interrelationality with the ‘object’ as another matter-spirit that encounters her own in a dialogue where layers of affect-effect are constantly produced from this encountering. Human/animal; biotic/abiotic; communal/individual are some of the dichotomies that become blurred.”