Lizzie Masterton

Pulling [it starts with a breath]

Pulling [it starts with a breath] is a performative text involving two voices. Voice 1 is disembodied, existing only within a speaker, and- so it asserts- an alternate nebulous dimension. Voice 2 belongs to a corporeal body: warm, wet and faltering. A dialogue develops, in which both seek to question and undermine the other’s state of being. Which of the voices will establish control, and what will happen when they inevitably meet?

“Lizzie Masterton is an artist and writer based in London, whose work encompasses performance, video, sound and text. Her practice is concerned with exploring various permutations of embodiment: from live bodily presence, to intimate screen-based work. Power relations are questioned and subverted, and intimacy is a sphere that is both queried and queered. Her work seeks to question the relationship between the body and the self within the realms of the fleshy and of the non-physical, and the coping mechanisms that occur when this relationship become unstable. A large part of her current research lies within the online world of YouTube ASMR videos. As both a member of the ASMR community and a critical outsider, she is seeking to understand how different iterations of subjecthood are formed within ASMR, and how gender, sexuality and power structures can influence our experience of tingles.”