Korallia Stergides


A Collaboration with Beckie Cove An investigation to the in-betweens of everyday actions such as sneezing and brushing your eyebrow or against your clothes actions that would otherwise be dismissed. The experimentation and devising of this project was to be performed in a live space and considered how close the proximity of the audience would be to us in relation to the sounds we were making. However it was re staged to be made into the film. Hyper editing the footage to create an orchestration of sport related utterances.

“I am a Bulgarian – Greek Cypriot Interdisciplinary Artist based in London. My practice explores crossovers of Film & Video, Poetry, Painting, Performance Design and Practice. From an expanding archive of voice, object and body I create fictions out of fragments to make playful discoveries through live and mediated spaces, the outcomes are ergonomic absurdities. During devising I record all of my spontaneous experiments and quotidian recordings and collate them into an archive. This is a trace of process as well as a product in its own right. Archived videos are used to progress research and are recycled as memory in eventual works. Adjoining this process led work is the act of collecting found object, sound and text which is often the starting point in my work. I occupy myself in the context of the idea in order to distil and explore it to its farthest point. I seek to explore my concept of ‘the third body’ as the trace of the relationship of a gesture, in an exchange by investigating the term ‘utterance’ through subject – object relationship. I use the poetic image of a home as a framework to organise this concept and dissect it variably. I am inquisitive as to how by expanding and developing new directions, roles and networks I can use this to inform my practice, and circulate around much larger political questions without explicit association, through semantics of metaphor. I take apart the process of rendering a relic, to excavate micro narratives in scaled out measurements of faux fossils. Archiving an antiquity that does not in its entirety represent the bathymetry of our Grandfathers ocean terrain. Human interaction becomes an anchor of time and by looking at underlying ecologies I seek to denote a liminal space that sieves autobiographical narrative, myth and scientific fact. I explore the parities of the personal and the political to open leaks between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.”