Christina Georgiou


(IM)MUTABLE deals with the changeable and unchallengeable substance of being in constant becoming. Through the unity of the senses it endeavors to evoke the idea of what is real or true according to what we touch, see, smell, taste, hear and generally experience. It specifically refers to the possibility of touch or the imagination of it through a tactile body, and by stimulating tactile sensations through the visual medium of performance, it brings the potential of tactility, even when the haptic body is left physically untouched. (IM)MUTABLE challenges our perception of truth and reveals its mutable and immutable essence. It questions the fluctuating occurrences experienced through the bodily senses, mainly through a tactile body, which form or interpret our reality and enlightens those elements in the human being that remain absolute through its transformation.

“Christina Georgiou’s artistic practice focuses on Performance Art and is characterized by repetitive behavior, durational actions, public interactions and site-specific interventions. Her work is research-based and process-led and it focuses on notions of repetition, interactivity, fluidity, fragility, liminality, intercorporeality, embodiment, flow, memory, perception, transformation, spirituality, nature and metaphysics.”