Anniken Weber


Revisiting the splitted island

Four years passed

From southern West travelling to the northern East,

Invited to a sensory House

with a Tactile enquiry


I, as a travelling pocket

of Beholdings

Release them to these spaces

vibrating Words

Cling on walls


Shadows are colourful

And fire is Black

Within this Room

I make a ghost hand

that reaches to Touch

beyond the Skin


“The essence of knowledge is the knowledge of essence.

The public action is positioned in the inescapable reality which is the dream we dream together; whomever I am with in space is a part of my perception, but with different, undiscovered, intents than my own – to perform from the imminence of those factors forces me into a state of hightened awareness to release myself of the regular disposition; letting go of the resistance to flow with the current of immediate push and pull.

The space between the inner and the outer; the irrational rational, the noisy silence; that’s where I dream my intent alive. From the lies and truths I embody, situational space is constructed; merging the internal with the external. Here, the exchange of our inner coming out shared in a space is under full exploration and observation, all at the same time.”