Francesco Kiais

The Robin (redbreast Aphrodite)

In the Mediterranean cultures there is a kind of common symbology which is frequently renewed through centuries and cultures, transforming the significance of symbols, but following a path that goes deep backward through the millennia. Cyprus is one of the catalythic regions of these continuous metamorphosis.

This is why I will use materials that are directly related to Cyprus, to its culture, history, mythology, and to its natural environment. To bring this elements in relationship to actuality, through the ephemeral happening of my performance, I will use two symbolic figures, common to many cultures: the robin and Aphrodite, which traditionally represent both, strength, fragility, and the declaring/overcoming of cultural and physical borders and limits.

I will move myself along these limits where opposite and adjacent elements touch each other, and where humans always have danced in a fragile balance, advancing and retreating, like a frothy wave on the shore. Like Aphrodite at its birth. Like the birds that migrate, and move back and forth the limits of their territory, announcing the changing of times.

Aίσθηση (aesthisi): that is to say sensation, perception, experience of the senses.

The aesthetic knowledge brings to consider the body as the center. But, only if I am aware of the context, -and of the presence of the other that is beyond me, around me-, the centrality of my body acquires a meaning. Without the other, I’m only at the center of myself, isolated.

Kiais (IT/GR) works on body’s gestures and images, as possibility to meet the others in the ephemeral territory of a common experience. The processes of meeting, clash, integration, division, collision, and of necessary coexistence and tolerance, and finally of relation, that characterize our social contradictions and lives and histories, converges in an aesthetic gesture/experience involving both the performer and the present people in a living image. In this process all media and materials can be used.

Kiais is Associate Curator by the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, and collaborates as teacher and theoretician at various educational programs on performance art. He has been invited to collaborate as a Lecturer and / or Curator at the Fine Arts in Venice, Thessaloniki, and Athens. His interest on an alternative didactic of art, and his attention on the many forms of manifestation of the performance art, have led him to co-found the [mind the] G.A.P. – Gathering Around Performance, a non profit organisation based in Athens.